Deasy & Associates, Inc.

“If you torture data long enough, it will confess to anything you want!”

~Ronald Coase (Nobel Laureate)

Are you torturing your process or product data begging it to “speak” to you?  Does it feel like you are making decisions about processes or product based more on gut than sound data analysis?  Do your project team meetings feel like déjà vu as you chase the same problems again and again?  Is your company unhappy with efficiency, but not sure how to mitigate the losses?

Could it be that the root cause of the issue is that the process is not being measured and monitored correctly?  Could it be that individuals or teams are not using the correct statistical tools to get the process to divulge its secrets?  Could it be that the approach to quality is disjointed and not a sustainable system?

DnA’s approach to quality systems is a scientific way of facilitating associates to and through consistent action.  The trusted advisors and stats masters of DnA are here to counsel leaders in the choice of the appropriate Revometrics™, to propel your organization through implementation of a robust quality system, to educate and guide your teams through projects to render processes more resilient.

Be confident that DnA will be your key to quality, just as it has been for many organizations throughout North America; helping clients save millions of dollars.